The Vasi Prospetto, 1765: The Palazzo Print on cloth. The most elegant portrait of Rome ever made.
The Brooklyn Bridge, imagined before its completion. A detail from Will Taylor's portrait of New York, 1879.
A bespoke print of New York, 1879, displayed in the gardens of Versailles. (18 feet tall by 9 feet wide.)
The Bedrock Print: 1550 Paris. A beautiful illustration of Paris as it begins to enter the Renaissance.
1739 Paris. Every building in the city is intricately drawn in this map of Paris under Louis XV.
The Bedrock Print: 1901 Washington, D.C. The capital of the United States seen before it had grown into a modern metropolis.
The Bedrock Print: 1739 Paris. A full print of the Turgot Plan de Paris, the most intricate panoramic map of Paris.
The Bedrock Print: 1890 Beijing. The palaces of the Chinese Qing Emperor meet the palace of Louis XIV at Versailles.
Notre-Dame de Paris. Very little has changed since its depiction here in 1550.
Saint Peter's Basilica. The Vatican seen from the Janiculum Hill in Vasi's 1765 view of Rome.
The Forbidden City, in a detail from the Beijing 1890 landscape painting.
The Aperture Print. Our most modern print, made on photosensitive paper for a precise, bright finish (Diamond & Keystone sizes).
The Washington Monument and White House. A detail from 1901 Washington, D.C.
Our wooden hanging system for cloth prints.