Q: What is the difference between Aperture prints and Intaglio prints?

A: While both papers produce archival, high-quality images that will stand the test of time, the Intaglio has a more classic look and texture, while the Aperture print is more modern in style ande feel. They are both luxury papers and we feel strongly, after long research and thousands of test prints that they are the best available options on the market today.

We print our Intaglio prints on a 100% cotton rag bas-relief paper. It is widely considered to be the finest paper for art prints. Thick and lightly textured to the touch, it is a matte, classy, and elegant paper that captures every minute detail and color of our images.  It is acid-free and will not ‘yellow’ in any way over time.

Our Aperture Print comes on a vivid, shiny, and sleek paper that yields a gelatin-like print. In a unique printing process, the printer exposes the light of our image onto the paper, as in a darkroom, rather than printing with ink. The final image is fixed and developed on this photo-sensitive, glossy paper.

Q: I would like to purchase an image of a city that you do not currently offer on your site. Do you offer images other than those on your site?

A: Yes, we do. Please e-mail us at custom@bedrockimages.com and we can work with you to print your desired map to your specifications.

Q: I like one of your images, but I want it in a different size and on a material you do not offer. Is it possible to order a custom print?

A: Yes. Please e-mail us at custom@bedrockimages.com and we will fulfill your private order.

Q: How can we order a print as a gift? Is there an additional fee?

A: In the checkout process, be sure to check the “Gift” box. You will have the option to leave a note, which will be handwritten by a member of our staff, on a card inside the package. The print will arrive gift-wrapped, and the invoice will not contain any price information. This is a free service.