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DWELL.COM by Aaron Britt, February 6, 2012:

Bedrock Images's Forgotten Maps:

"For the architecturally inclined—especially those with a mess of wall space—little enlivens the living room like a gigantic map. Though hip apartments the nation over are festooned with graphic prints of Brooklyn neighborhoods, diagrams of the London Underground, and the like, to get a real dose of architectural bravado in your residence, consider one of the massive archival maps from Bedrock Images. Printed on cloth, fine paper, or glossy photographic paper, these images from Rome, New York, Paris, Washington D.C., or Beijing range in size from merely impressive to room-transformingly massive. Have a look at the slideshow that follows to get a feel for Bedrock's products."


Decor Arts Now Design Blog - Bedrock Images - Lynn Byrne

Decor Arts Now by Lynn Byrne, April 19, 2012:

"After yesterday’s round-up, are you jonesing to incorporate a giant map in your decor, but are worried that the look has been done?

Well worry no longer.  There is a new kid in town offering fresh imagery.  I love it when someone follows their passion regarding art, and that is exactly what has happened at Bedrock Images..."


Inspirerend Wonen - Bedrock Images

Inspirerend Wonen, Belgian design magazine


Article: May 22, 2012

Interview with our CEO: May 30, 2012

"[Bedrock Images] prints the most impressive and forgotten maps of cities ever made, all views of milestones in history. Using advanced printing technology they print these old city plans in large format. These maps offer many options for walls in offices, public buildings or private homes and are an original way to decorate. Are you in love with New York or Paris? Or can you spend hours looking at a map of a city? Are you fascinated by old cities? Or do you always want to visit cities on vacation? Then this wall decoration could be a great choice for your home!"