About us

About Us


Bedrock Images began as an idea when two Ph.D. students were researching in the archives. We found spectacular images that told stories about the history of urban life, swathed in dust and rolled up into tubes and scrolls. We wanted to find a way to make these objects available to the public beyond the walls of museums and libraries.


In 2011, after much research and planning, we decided to form Bedrock Images, a company dedicated to providing discerning consumers access to some of the most beautiful, but forgotten, prints in the world.

At Bedrock we are recovering lost images, making them available in a format that simply had not been possible before the 21st century. We are not antiquarians and we do not come from a map-making background. We are, however, lovers of maps, with a keen historical sense of their relevance and an aesthetic eye for their unique appeal.


Bedrock Images has grown into a more ambitious project, VISTO Images. We have developed an art consulting company that focuses on bespoke projects for hospitality, commercial, and residential interiors. Please see our site at www.vistoimages.com to learn more about the new work we do.


Alex Toledano (pictured on right), co-founder Alex Toledano & Seth Rosenbaum - Bedrock Imagesof Bedrock Images, completed his Ph.D. in Late Modern European History at the University of California, Berkeley, and is a specialist on the history of Paris since the French Revolution.  He received a bachelor's degree in Art and Archaeology from Princeton University. Alex's wide range of knowledge of art and architecture, coupled with his recent work on cultural history and urban planning, give him a particularly strong historical background and perspective in selecting the images that Bedrock offers its customers.


Seth Rosenbaum (pictured on left), co-founder of Bedrock Images, completed his Ph.D. at Harvard University in the English Department. Seth's doctoral thesis studies twentieth-century notions of taste and style, with a particular focus on American literature and food. He received his BA from Columbia University in English Literature.

                            Alex Toledano & Seth Rosenbaum - Bedrock Images

Alex and Seth playing a game of backgammon on a 16th-century Italian marble table at the Musée Jacquemart André, Paris.

The game, unfortunately, was interrupted by security guards.