Our Products

As you look through our products, you can have confidence that you are exploring images carefully selected over thousands of hours of archival research. We recognize that your tastes in prints, as in all things, are personal and varied -- ours are, too. Therefore we have images that suit a spectrum of tastes and stylistic preferences. Some of our prints could be called purist or traditional; others have been given modern afterlives and effects.

Despite the variety we offer, the quality and integrity of the images are unassailable. Bedrock Images maintains an unwavering commitment to providing the absolute highest-quality images available on today's market. We print using the most advanced imaging systems in the world, on suitable and superior materials, and with close oversight and attention to detail.


The Bedrock Print

Our grandest print, offered exclusively on cloth. The Bedrock Print will dramatically transform any room and allows for the appreciation of every minute detail in an image. Our cloth fabric has the feel of suede and provides greater precision than the highest-grade canvas. It is our most luxurious printing material. Depending on the image selected, the Bedrock Print can range from 5 ft. x 12 ft. (~1.5m x 3.7m) to 8 ft. x 10 ft. (~2.4m x 3m).


The Palazzo Print

The Palazzo Print combines luxury with versatility. Smaller than the Bedrock Print, the Palazzo Print is available on the material of your choice, ready either to hang (Cloth) or to frame (Intaglio and Aperture). A large-format print, the Palazzo Print provides the necessary scale to see this image as its artist intended, with its finest details rendered clearly, visible to the naked eye. Depending on the image selected, the Bedrock Print can range from 3 ft. x 8 ft. (~1m x 2.4m) to 5 ft. x 6 ft (~1.5m x 1.8m).


The Brownstone Print

The Brownstone Print is inspired by the stately homes that define old New York. Impressive in size but suitable for the right wall in any home, the Brownstone Print gives you access to the minute details of your map and brings a sense of grandeur to the space in which it hangs.


The Keystone Print

The Keystone Print offers a full map with precise detail at a size suitable for any room in your home, office, or business. You can choose either a classic or more modern look for your print with our Intaglio and Aperture options. The Keystone Print ranges from 4 ft. x 2.5 ft. (~120cm x 80cm) to 3.5 ft x 2.75 ft (~110cm x 90cm).


The Diamond Print

The Diamond Print offers a full map in a reduced size. It stands well on its own in any space of your choosing, but also pairs beautifully with detail prints to create both a macro and microscopic display of your chosen images. Its size, like our detail prints, is 16" x 20" (~40cm x 50cm).




Detail Prints

Our detail prints are intended to highlight the most interesting and important parts of our larger images. We have paid special attention to present these details as unique works of art, each much more than simple cut-out sections. We have focused on creating well composed, aesthetic prints with custom-designed borders, themselves made up of small details from the larger maps. Surrounding each border is extra background space to emulate a picture mat to give you the option of framing your print directly. Almost all of our detail prints are produced at a convenient size of 16" x 20" (~40cm x 50cm) to fit easily into a standard frame.



Cloth prints are the epitome of luxury, recalling the etymology of the Latin word for cloth, mappa. These prints, as in previous centuries, are meant to hang from the wall to appreciate both their visual and tactile qualities. We have chosen the finest fabric that has the feel and smoothness of suede, with a surface that is perfectly flat. The resulting image is precise, clear, and elegant. All of our cloth prints come with a wooden or stainless steel hanging system, with your choice of stain and finish.



Aperture prints produce a glossy, photographic image. They render whites, blacks, and colors well beyond the capabilities of UV or solvent printers by fixing an image directly and durably onto photosensitive paper. No ink is applied, and the image is developed as though it had been made in a darkroom. The result is a sparkling, modern print.



Intaglio prints are produced on the highest quality archival paper under the careful watch of experienced, artisan printers. More matte in finish than Aperture prints, our Intaglio prints set the standard for high-end giclée printing, and capture the antique quality of each image in a way rarely seen today. Its classic cotton texture might make you reconsider covering the edges with a matte.